Soundlens Fitted Left & Right

Soundlens Fitted Left & Right

Starkey SoundLens Synergy

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The world's best invisible device. Bar none. Including Phonak Lyric.

SoundLens is completely out of sight, due to industry leading feedback control technology, and via a free App you can even control the volume and noise settings! It is coloured black to hide in the shadowed part of your ear canal - undetectable.

See this recent fitting. Pictures often speak a thousand words! We can achieve incredible results for our clients with this precision custom made high tech product. Solicitors no longer experience problematic mis-heard scenarios in client meetings or in court. Consultants never have to consider where they sit in that boardroom anymore to reduce their normal problems hearing the conversation content. Advisors in all industries, at all levels within an organisation, can relax and focus their energy on analysis of the topic at hand, rather than spending effort trying to just work out exactly what has been said. Wonderful peace of mind - and they just wear them when they want, easily inserting and removing as needed.

SoundLens Synergy is generation 3 of Starkey's true IIC (Invisible In Canal) products, a deep insertion device that nestles comfortably in the ear canal, making it the smallest and most sophisticated device on the market today. Synergy is Starkey's latest sound processing technology that incorporates industry leading “PureWave” feedback cancellation and intelligent speech preservation and noise reduction technologies.

SoundLens Synergy is available in three different levels of technology, a mid range model called 1600, advanced 2000 and premium 2400.

Phonak Marvel M90 & M90-R

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We love this product! Phonak have finally given us something to get really excited about.

Built on a super-fast new 6mm square chip that is smaller, more battery efficient and hosts more connectivity protocols than the Apple AirPod chip or competitive hearing technology chips, this beautifully designed high fidelity customised personal audio system, is the only truly handsfree and universal connection device on the market. It is smartphone agnostic for all those anti-Apple people out there whom love the freedom of android, you now have a proprietary 2.4GHz bluetooth set-up to connect to any other bluetooth device like your phone, laptop for video conferencing, smart TV, tablet, health monitoring devices, the lot! All audio received through your other devices is delivered via Marvel in such a way that it is custom tailored to your hearing status.

The form function and overall design has been a long time coming and harks back to the days of old when Phonak truly lead the entire industry with user-lead high quality, high utility technology. Marvel is deliciously Swiss!

Oticon Opn

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Oticon Opn is, as it claims to be, a complete paradigm shift in hearing technology. This product has significantly shifted my thinking on the power of Oticon technology.

When it comes to feature set, Opn is impressive. Two firsts include the TwinLink Wireless which offers two wireless systems, one to better co-ordinate features required in each listening environment and the second to better connect Bluetooth devices like your iPhone. The other first is an internet connection via your smartphone using IFTTT technology whereby you can have your Opn App alert you when your batteries are low, or for email and calendar alerts. Also, you can set wi-fi enabled lights, tv, music in your home to come on when your devices switch on and if you have wi-fi door bells or gateway alarms you can receive notifications to your devices. A bit snazzy if that's your thing! 

Livio AI by Starkey Technologies

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Built on a new powerful and efficient sound processing platform — the Thrive™ platform, Livio® AI is the world’s first Healthable™. It is the first-ever hearing aid to feature embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. Livio AI is a multi-purpose device that combines incredible hearing clarity in multiple situations whilst opening gateways to information and new features like Thrive™ Assistant for remote fine tuning and trouble-shooting support from us at Deane&Co, Translate which will translate directly into your ear up to 27 different languages, Transcribe which is like real-time closed captions for conversations and Self Check to allow you to check the function of receivers, amplifiers, microphones at your leisure.