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World leading hearing technology is now faster acting and more dynamic than ever. 500MIPS and 1200MOPS means more precise speech and noise separation, more natural 360-degree soundscape.


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Understand your hearing and better hearing options. See an independent Audiologist



Would you prefer tiny hearing devices or larger, easy to handle? Is connecting to your smartphone important? We have all your options.


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Diagnostic services, hearing technology solutions and now professional micro-suction ear cleaning is available.


Actual Fittings. Everyday clearer speech and reduced listening fatigue at work and home.





Only an Independent Audiology practice offers the assurance of objective advice.

As an Independent, owner-operator Audiology practice, our success is measured on the hearing and lifestyle outcomes our clients achieve and how easy we are to work with. There is nowhere to hide as an independent. You do great work and remain in business doing what you love, or you do average work and quickly become, well, average.

OUR three primary assets

• proudly independent
meaningful relationships with clients
accountable for your results

We do not offer solutions for everybody. We are experienced in bespoke (often invisible) real-world everyday hearing solutions and we stand behind the results of their craft.

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Understand your hearing and better hearing options. See an independent Audiologist