What is "BrainHearing"?


Speech understanding happens in our brain, not our ears

"BrainHearing" is a term developed by Oticon, one of the worlds largest hearing device manufacturers and most active hearing health research teams globally, to describe their design priority. That is, to provide the brain with the most complete, the most natural sound picture possible. And they do this because our understanding of speech is a function of our brain, not our ears, therefore being a cognitive process.

Oticon's approach, which comes to life in their latest technology called SoundNavigator, is available in the Opn range of products. Opn manages the sound delivered to the brain of the wearer to preserve details of the speech waveform and provide a complete picture of where speech comes from. With good hearing, the brain is able to manage speech information when there are multiple people talking, or in noisy places far better than when there is a hearing loss. The brain is forced into over-drive with impaired hearing.

The goal of Oticon's Opn range is therefore simple in its design rationale: deliver a better, more natural, complete signal to the brain so that the load on the brain is reduced. When the load is reduced, or the effort required to hear is reduced, because the brain is able to function more normally, and the listener can decide who to listen to and what sounds to ignore.

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RL Deane