Are you 'ageing well' compared to your friends?

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None of us wants to be ‘old’ before our time. But, what is considered ‘old’ is changing. When once 60 might have been considered old, now it could be 70 or 80. There are people in their 90s who don’t want to be considered ‘old’.

For many of us, in this privileged Melbourne life we lead, we have access to some of the best healthcare and medical services the world has to offer, allowing us to live as we wish without health-imposed restrictions. But what, if any, influence can we actually have in slowing the ageing process?

Be Ambitious about Prevention - Lancet, July 2017*

Dementia is the ‘greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century’ according to world-renowned medical journal, The Lancet. Now, I can almost hear all the toes curling amongst you reading this, as no-one wants to even think about the realities of dementia, for ourselves or a loved one. Dementia is for ‘old people’ right? Not so much. Those of us over the age of 45yrs, (myself included here) need to be “ambitious about prevention” regarding dementia.

Specifically, research from The Lancet indicates that individuals can actively help to prevent dementia by;

1.     Reducing hearing loss

2.     Maintaining social engagement

3.     Maintaining regular exercise

4.     Quit smoking

5.     Managing diabete,

6.     Reducing obesity

7.      Reducing hypertension and depression

The Lancet concluded that hearing loss is the number one modifiable factor influencing the prevention of dementia. Compared to the other risk factors, a hearing loss is more prevalent (1 in 3 over 55yrs have a treatable hearing loss) and is straight-forward to correct.

Good hearing connects us socially, improves cognitive performance and reduces fatigue and communication anxiety/hypertension, so its importance is therefore unsurprising.

But how many of you,  over the age of 45yrs, will acknowledge a hearing loss and be proactive, or “ambitious about [dementia] prevention”?

Perhaps you’re worried you might need a hearing aid and that will make you look ‘old’. Right? Not true actually.

Hearing technology is incredible and automatic. The sound quality is shaped and shapeable by you via an App which, can stream music/audio and phone calls wirelessly. Speech and sound is tailored to your hearing needs AND there are some devices that are undetectable to others.

Further, I thought this observation from a client of mine was poignant. He said that he thinks a hearing loss can be far more obvious than his hearing tech. Well said!

Speak to us for expert, independent advice about your hearing and we’ll discuss whether hearing tech for you is worth considering.

Q: Why address hearing loss now not later   A: Better quality of life and improved cognitive health, including proactive dementia prevention.

* Lancet 2017; 390: 2673–734 , Published Online July 20, 2017 S0140-6736(17)31363-6