"A Star is Born" Movie highlights the Impact of Tinnitus

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Hollywood blockbuster movie “A Star is Born” showcases some of the challenges and dangers that tinnitus, a condition of the auditory system, can have in someones life.

Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) falls in love with Ally (Lady Gaga) and performs very loud, rock-n-roll concerts to sold-out arenas every night. As he was born with hearing loss, this extreme exposure to loud noise compounds to leave Maine with a constant ringing tone (tinnitus) in his head. This causes endless frustration, anxiety and everyday problems hearing conversations. Maine’s own personal demons manifest themselves in an alcohol and prescription drug addiction.

The drugs that he is addicted to were prescribed to help with his tinnitus, which cause anxiety attacks and temper rages. Maine's manager and ENT urge him to wear in-ear monitors, which are custom-moulded ear plugs that blocks dangerous sound yet allows musicians to still hear their voices and instruments over loud audiences and speakers, but he refuses. Subsequently, the tinnitus gets worse as Maine fails to manage it appropriately.

There are several treatment and management strategies for tinnitus. Give us a call to discuss.

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