Won't be seen wearing hearing aids?

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 You are not alone!

Most of our clients share the same concern because, the truth is, they don’t want to be seen wearing hearing tech and be judged by others as ‘old’. Perhaps that’s why a whopping 80% of those who would benefit from hearing technology don’t wear them.

But to me, ‘old’ is how you think and behave, not what the number is. I know people in their 40s who are lethargic and have a pessimistic worldview, described by others as ‘old before their time’. And I know several people, including clients, who are well into their 60s flying planes solo, motorcycle-touring through Asian countries, and one in her 70s who is starting a PhD. I love it. I love the energy and optimism. It’s infectious.

So, let me ask this, do you think 60 years of age is old?

I think many of you reading this would say no, not old. I’ve heard 60 described as  ‘upper middle age’, which I like!

The truth is that our lifestyles are becoming increasingly ageless and the number of tree rings that we chronologically represent does not match our self-image nor our behaviour as we continue to pursue youthful and active interests. It’s a cliché for a reason; you are as old as you feel, think and behave.

So, would you believe that nearly half of that 80% of us requiring hearing tech are under 60 years of age?

With this in mind, I invite you to consider how an untreated hearing loss impacts your quality of life, your youthfulness and how it fits in with this not-wanting-to-be-old concern.

Having a hearing loss is more obvious than wearing hearing tech. Period.

Many of today’s technologies make the concerns of not wanting to be seen wearing hearing technology disappear with completely invisible, invisible-in-canal (IIC), completely-in-canal (CIC) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) technology style options.

All the top six global leaders in hearing tech (Oticon, Starkey, Sivantos, Resound, Widex, Phonak) offer discreet solutions that are delivered to us on manufacturer defaults ready to be individually designed and tailored to your lifestyle needs, with experts like us.

And the results can be nothing short of remarkable!

Imagine it! Out-of-sight for others and delivering clean and clear conversational speech, seamlessly and automatically, in various everyday situations, audio from tv and movies and music that’s rich and full of life.

What is the benefit in waiting? Speak to us for all the information you need to make an informed decision for yourself, your lifestyle, your career and those you care about.

RL Deane