Our Experts - Rachel Deane Audiologist

There's a lot of talk about Independent Audiologists offering a superior service.

It makes sense. When you choose an Independent Audiologist, you are choosing expert advice that is unbiased toward brand, product and incentives.

Rachel Deane owns and operates her clinical practice. She is not a generalist. She's a specialist, focussing on the needs of adults, largely working executives and adults leading active lives, who are careful to make the right decision for themselves. We believe it starts with independent expert Audiological advice.

Deane&Co is the name of practice with bright, beautiful new rooms at Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD. Formerly, Rachel Deane established Hearing Studio, situated on Collins St, near the Town Hall on Swanston Street and the Manchester Unity building on the corner of CollinS and Swanston Streets. Rachel Deane was the Director and Principal Audiologist at Hearing Studio on Collins St for 7 years. Her new practice is again owned and operated by herself, an experienced and Independent Audiology clinic. Deane&Co works directly with only the latest in world leading technologies, to tailor make a no-compromise hearing solution. Personalised health at it's best.


Rachel Deane


Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters degree in Audiology with Honours, is a professional member of the Australian Society for Audiology, a Qualified Practitioner with the Office of Hearing Services in Australia and holds several internationally recognised industry memberships. Rachel completed an Executive Masters in Business Administration. In her 18 year career thus far, she has amassed a huge amount of experience. After graduating from the Medical School in Auckland's Master in Audiology programme, she was trained in public hospitals in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Rachel has worked in private practice, owned four practices in London and, later, one in Melbourne and Sydney, has worked in paediatric research and international business and for five years managed a leading hearing technology manufacturer (Unitron NZ) in New Zealand.

Prior to establishing Deane&Co, Rachel founded and operated Hearing Studio, on Collins St in Melbourne’s CBD. Still in the city, you’ll find Deane&Co right by Flagstaff Gardens.


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Rachel's story

Rachel has worked in the hearing industry for close to two-decades. Her story and journey so far is about a pursuit to develop a better way for people like her mum to get what they really want. She has consciously worked to develop an approach that creates meaningful, effective hearing care solutions.

Here is her story in her own words.


My first degree was in Marine Biology

My early twenties were spent salmon farming in Canada, in a remote community on Vancouver Island to be precise. Pristine coastlines with daily visits from orcas, eagles and seals, even bears, that were equally magnificent and fearsome. A magical time.

With my visa expiring and marine related work opportunities limited in NZ, being home, I became aware of mums problems with everyday hearing. I realised that we really didn’t know much about what was happening for her, even when we asked the right people the right questions.


RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME - it was personal

Right in front of me, this whole time was mum. Her hearing was slipping away and she didn't understand what was happening for her. None of us did.

I was frustrated with the lack of specialist engagement and complete lack of accountability for her disappointing outcomes. And it hurt to see her world closing in. She found that her career as an optical technician was requiring more and more contact with the public and communication was no longer easy. In fact, she was often humiliated by mishearing something - and ignorance is worse when you can’t see the issue. She resigned. She took a job in a noisy factory - being so noisy, communication was by non-verbal body language anyway, so the playing field was levelled. She stayed working in that horrible environment for near 20 years until she retired.


It frustrated me. And then it motivated me.

Back in the late 90’s I made a decision to do it better - become the best clinician I could be, one that was engaging, interactive, always put the client first and to make a stand for their outcomes, whatever that takes. Ive been asked if my experience with the industry has shaped and changed that vision over time, but it hasn’t at all. I love what I do so much that I feel honoured to do this work.

I cross-credited science subjects and smooth-talked the faculty heads to admit me into the highly restricted Master of Audiology course at the Medical School in Auckland. And bless Dr Peter Thorne and Dr Suzanne Purdy to this day for granting me a seat at the table. Two years there plus a years internship to achieve Clinical Certification and I was out in the world ready to be the best. But now what? I had the framed paper on the wall but that doesn’t automatically make me the best I can be, so I deliberately travelled.


searching for ANSWERS

This disengagement had to have been solved somewhere. So, I deliberately tried to find the right approach and bring those practices back to New Zealand.

I didn't find it.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. It just means that although I travelled and worked as an Audiologist in the UK, parts of North America, Western Europe, India, Malaysia and Australia I didn’t come across a clinical approach that I thought had the confidence to truly put the client at the centre of all organisational priorities, ahead of all others.


Leading the way

It was time to put my money where my mouth was, so I established Pindrop Hearing in London, practising out of four locations. The workload was incredible, but the professional reward was even greater.

A few years later, personal life got in the way and I sold that business (to two young Aussie Audiologists actually) to take a job establishing a global manufacturing brand called Unitron, back home in the New Zealand market.

During those five years, I recovered from cancer, ran my first marathon and completed an Executive MBA at the Business School in Auckland to round out my commercial knowledge.

By now I was getting the full picture about the industry and knew that I had to be the solution to my client-first clinical approach by establishing my own practice.

Arriving in Melbourne ten years ago, I established a private clinic on Collins Street and loved it. I sold that business in 2016 with a view to expanding what we had achieved. 


A new venture, original VISION

Deane&Co is my new business underpinned by the same original principles, the same vision.

We stand for the superior service that only an independent professional Audiologist with heart can offer.

We stand behind the outcomes that our clients achieve in their lives. We love what we do and I think it shows.

As members of professional accreditation councils, we regularly invest in industry knowledge and insight to deliver extraordinary clinical services, and we forge meaningful relationships with our clients, whom often become friends.

If you’re concerned about your own or your spouse’s hearing and wonder what a truly effective solution might look like then please give me a call, I’d love to have a chat with you.

Chris Martin - Practice Manager at Deane&Co

Chris Martin - Practice Manager (extraordinaire!)

It's no surprise that Chris is as effective as she is with our clients - she is an extraordinarily smart and caring person at work, just as she is at home. 

With an extensive background in managing client-focussed outcomes across several industries, Chris brings a maturity, focus and fairness to this role that is often woefully lacking at other practices. Chris sets a new standard in practice management client-engagement. She deeply cares that clients personal goals are upheld as our business priority. This is why Rachel and Chris work so well together - they both have the confidence to champion this client-first perspective, knowing that in doing so, not only the sustainability of Deane&Co takes care of itself, but the professional reward we get from seeing a client genuinely happy, is a job well done.