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Phonak Marvel M90-R M70-R recharger pod
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Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 & M90-R

Expert Opinion: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ +

For the first time in years, Phonak has released a product range, called Marvel, that has truly got me excited!

Marvel is built on a whole new proprietary chip, called SWORD 3.0, that is seriously impressive, even when lined up next to W1 (the Apple AirPod chip) and competitors processing platforms that are normally based on whats called the NXH2003. At less than half the size of the Apple AirPod chipset, and about 30% less battery consumption, this tiny technology is processing and adapting to environments as well as streamed signals automatically and to both ears in a way that is tailored to compensate for any hearing loss.

Phonak Marvel is smartphone agnostic, meaning that its universal Bluetooth audio support allows direct connectivity to iOS and Android phones, laptops, Bluetooth enabled TVs and more. Marvel is available in technology levels from premium (90), advanced (70) and economy (50) in either a traditional disposable battery style or with rechargeable lithium-ion docking pod that automatically switches the product on/off. No more neck-worn connectivity device called the iCom II - hallelujah!

Another fantastic feature of the Marvel, unique to Marvel, is the own voice pick-up feature. Once paired to your smartphone, answer an incoming call by pressing a button on the device (or on your phone), speak handsfree (even while the phone is in your pocket or bag) because the microphones of the Marvel pick up your voice just like a bluetooth earpiece, but with extraordinary sound quality. End the call on the phone or by pressing the button on the device again. Simples!

With lots of other user-focussed innovations like new soft dome design, free smartphone Apps and real-time Skype-like professional support and fine-tuning directly with us, this new technology is a real winner in our book. Give us a call to discuss whether a test drive is suitable for you. Call Chris or Rachel on 03 7012 9076.

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