Phonak Virto B90 Titanium

Expert Opinion: ★ ★ ★  

This Phonak Virto B90 Titanium is one of Phonak’s most discreet custom hearing aids ever made and built on the latest 24Bit chipset technology called "Belong". The Virto B90 is available in the premium B90, the advanced B70 and the mid range B50 and is 3D printed in actual titanium, making it 15 times stronger and 26% smaller than previous Phonak custom hearing aids. This is the first major custom production innovation in more than 15 years.

The Virton B90 titanium offers all the latest Phonak features such as AutoSenseOS (exceptional automatic scene detection), WindBlock, SoundRelax and EchoBlock all designed to improve speech clarity in the presence of competing noise. Virto also offers wireless syncing ear to ear for balance and stereo sound, plus a whole host of other features for challenging listening conditions. Of note, music fidelity is now particularly nice on the Belong chipset.

However, despite the cool new exterior strength and relative smaller size for Phonak custom technology, Virto Titanium is still a larger custom product compared to equivalent products from other manufacturers like Siemens Insio and much larger than the Starkey Synergy SoundLens.

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