Professional Services

only Independent Audiologists can offer a superior service

We are university trained, and experienced Audiologists. Being independently owned and operated, we offer our clients the assurance of expert, objective recommendations and advice.

As Audiologists, we are the only trained allied health specialists that know about ear and auditory system disease, neural sound processing, cognitive factors, health and lifestyle factors, the impact of various medications and medical treatments, how to accurately diagnose hearing loss, how and when to refer to other allied specialists such as speech pathology and ENT and so many other auditory system related issues (in contrast, Audiometrists are not university trained and cannot be expected to have this depth of knowledge).

At Deane& Co Audiology we offer

  • Full diagnostic hearing assessments for adults and children above five years of age

  • Pre-employment, aviation, armed forces and police assessments

  • Custom made ear plugs for swimming, snore and general noise protection, and specially filtered musicians plugs

  • Ear impressions to use for the third-party production of In-Ear Monitors for musicians

  • Rehabilitation of hearing loss including communication strategies and compensation for hearing loss by the fitting of the latest world-leading hearing aid technologies

  • Assistive listening devices and hearing technology accessories: infrared and bluetooth television devices, active noise cancelling headphones, landline telephones optimised for better hearing

  • Walk-in clean and check, and minor repair of hearing aids. We also facilitate the more complex repair of any hearing aid, any brand

  • Reports for GP’s, ENT’s, allied specialists, general insurance and health insurance companies to ensure that you are compensated to the highest level where appropriate

What Sets Us Apart

Our practice is designed for executives & those who live active LIVES


What does it mean that our services are tailored to the needs of Executives and those whom live active lifestyles? Let us explain the main differences that set us apart;

  • BESPOKE SERVICE - you are seen by the same clinician each time and your preferred appointment times are prioritised, including after hours if required. Our support staff manage a seamless experience from the initial point of contact to a satisfied solution, and regular monitoring beyond.

  • DISCREET SOLUTIONS - most of our clients lead active busy lives at work and away from work, and many want technologies that are not obvious to others, whilst sounding great. This is our ‘sweet spot’ and where we focus much of our attention, to design solutions that work and are wearable.

  • DISCREET LOCATION - unlike high street or mall locations, with sandwich boards and large signs out front, we offer the confidentiality of meeting us at beautiful private rooms in a modern office environment away from high foot traffic. Conveniently located in the CBD right by Flagstaff Station on the city loop train network allows executives to get in and out easily and those who want to be seen by experts a simple to find professional and private clinic setting.

  • INDEPENDENCE IS THE DIFFERENCE - there are fewer than 300 hundred truly independently owned practices across the country, amidst thousands of clinics that are not. Non-independent practices are mostly retail operations owned by manufacturers, government providers or cross-industry outlets that have preferred suppliers. All of these arrangements offer commercial benefits to the clinic owners, and do not prioritise what you may require.

    Independently owned and operated providers offer the unique difference of objective, independent advice and prescription, being client-focussed as the top priority.


Rachel Deane


Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters degree in Audiology with Honours, is a professional member of the Australian Society for Audiology, a Qualified Practitioner with the Office of Hearing Services in Australia and holds several internationally recognised industry memberships. Rachel completed an Executive Masters in Business Administration. In her 18 year career thus far, she has amassed a huge amount of experience. After graduating from the Medical School in Auckland's Master in Audiology programme, she was trained in public hospitals in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Rachel has worked in private practice, owned four practices in London and, later, one in Melbourne and Sydney, has worked in paediatric research and international business and for five years managed a leading hearing technology manufacturer (Unitron NZ) in New Zealand.


Chris Martin - Practice Manager at Deane&Co

Chris Martin - Practice Manager

It's no surprise that Chris is as effective as she is with our clients - she is an extraordinarily smart and caring person at work, just as she is at home. 

With an extensive background in managing client-focussed outcomes across several industries, Chris brings a maturity, focus and fairness to this role that is often woefully lacking at other practices. Chris sets a new standard in practice management client-engagement. She deeply cares that clients personal goals are upheld as our business priority. This is why Rachel and Chris work so well together - they both have the confidence to champion this client-first perspective, knowing that not only the sustainability of Deane&Co takes care of itself, but also the professional reward is immeasurable.