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Siemens Signia Insio Nx CIC

Expert Opinion: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ +

We love this product! It gets all the basics right; sounds fantastic, is quality built and small and has one of the best direct from smartphone Apps on the market.

Siemens Insio Nx surges ahead of competitors in the CIC style for directional hearing and noise reduction due to their "binaural OneMic" directionality feature, which actually works to prioritise speech from the front! We know that in many situations, you need to better determine where speech is coming from, faster and clearer. Insio Nx will 'triangulate' and help detect this for you.

"outperforms normal hearing" -

With Insio CIC technology, binaural OneMic directionality lets single-microphone hearing tech wearers experience the benefits of enhanced directionality so that background noise is far less distracting and annoying. This image is an aerial view of a listener (in centre) talking with the person in front of them (green span) whilst surrounded by other conversations, like in a restaurant. The shaded beam is wider than the green beam, illustrating that the new Insio allows the listener to focus on one person more than ever before.

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