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Siemens Signia Pure 10 Nx

Expert Opinion: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Launched midway through 2018, the Siemens Signia Pure 10Nx hearing aid is a tiny size 10 battery device offered in a variety of performance levels: a premium 7Nx, advanced 5Nx and economy 3Nx. These devices significantly reduce listening effort throughout the day by highlighting speech in a wide variety of challenging listening environments. The new, dedicated music programs take music enjoyment to a whole other level that can satisfy even professional musicians.

The smallest Siemens behind-the-ear RIC hearing aids, and one of the smallest on the market, period, Signia Pure 10Nx is nearly invisible behind the ear. We have loved fitting this for a couple of professional females whom have smaller ears and where the Oticon Opn, the Starkey Muse and the Resound LiNX were much larger. What you do lose with the smaller size is bluetooth connectivity but there are a range of accessories and downloadable apps on both iOS and Android platforms makes controlling your hearing aids simple and discreet.

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