Starkey Livio AI - hearing enhancement and health monitoring for integrated care

Starkey Livio AI - hearing enhancement and health monitoring for integrated care

Starkey Livio AI (with Artificial Intelligence)

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Starkey’s latest innovation is truly brings in a new era in hearing technology. They claim it represents a “Hearing Revolution”, and in short, we agree! The innovation behind Livio AI is about combining a premium personalised hearing device and a health monitor in one device. As with Apple iPhone, which reinvented a mobile phone and took a mobile phone from being a single use product into a multi-function device that offered phone, camera, personal stereo, GPS, internet (& more), Livio AI is the first hearing device that moves in the same multi-function direction.

The Link between Health and Hearing

Hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being. That’s been proven, and it means you are able to hear can engage with the world around you and live a better, healthier life. Ever-increasing evidence also shows treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids can improve or limit some serious health issues such as cognitive decline and dementia *. Early treatment of the hearing loss significantly reduces the risk of experiencing these other conditions. This risk reduction is up to a whopping 30-40% less likely to be at risk when correcting a hearing loss. Some of these related conditions are pretty important: cardiovascular disease and low frequency hearing loss is strongly linked, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, ototoxicity, safety/balance, social independence and, dementia *. Livio AI lets you take a proactive approach to your overall wellness. Sensors inside the hearing aids detect movement, activities and different gestures. The hearing aids then communicate with each other, and with multiple accessories, to deliver meaningful benefits beyond traditional amplification.

Livio AI features Starkey's proprietary Hearing Reality technology, which manages and separates layers of sound to replicate 'normal' hearing. It's impressive, even in loud, noisy cafes. Thrive gives you three scores: body, brain and wellness. The body score is a based on the number of steps you've taken, how long you've spent being doing some form of exercise, and how much time you've spent awake and moving generally. The brain score shows the benefits of wearing a hearing aid, and factors in how long you've been wearing it, actively listening, and engaging with other people. The app combines this with your body score to grade your overall wellness. By daily tracking these metrics, wearers’ awareness of their holistic health increases and, is proven, to improve by reducing the risk to the above mentioned related health conditions. Incredible!

Hearing loss can affect every aspect of life, so this holistic approach makes good sense – and because much of the hearing aid's functionality is app-based, it can be easily upgraded with new features in the future.

Here are some highlights of Livio AI + Thrive App

  1. Hearing Reality:  hear speech more comfortably, even in a busy restaurant or coffee shop, while unwanted noises will be suppressed

  2. Streaming: stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your smartphone

  3. Personalised Programs: Allows wearers to personalise and geotag memories to match what they do and where they go and then change memories automatically when they return to a specific location – for example, Livio switches to Gym Memory when the wearer arrives at the gym.

  4. Remote Programming: Provides the location and time stamp of Halo 2 hearing aids that are lost or misplaced.

  5. Siri Integration & Live Microphone: stream, record, play back and email audio as it happens. Clear live voice streaming over distances has never been better .

  6. Thrive App: brain, body and wellness scores are recorded daily - even transcribe voice to text and translate languages, up to 27 languages!

  7. Fall Alert: unsteady on your feet at times? Livio AI will send designated family members an alert if you were to have a fall

  8. Adaptive Care Mode: automatically reduce the annoying sounds of driving and enhance your overall driving experience.

  9. Transcription / Closed Captions: like closed-captions for real life. Conversations are transcribed so you can read what's being said.

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