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Starkey Soundlens Synergy

Expert Opinion: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ +

Simply one of the most extraordinary products on the market. Soundlens Synergy is completely out of sight, sounds great and even has a free App that lets you control volume and noise settings! The Soundlens model has been available for many years (approx 2013), and has been a super successful product for Starkey, with the latest technology update late in 2017.

See this recent fitting. Pictures often speak a thousand words! We can achieve incredible results for our clients with this precision custom made high tech product. Solicitors no longer experience problematic mis-heard scenarios in client meetings or in court. Consultants never have to consider where they sit in that boardroom anymore to reduce their normal problems hearing the conversation content. Advisors in all industries, at all levels within an organisation, can relax and focus their energy on analysis of the topic at hand, rather than spending effort trying to just work out exactly what has been said. Wonderful peace of mind - and they just wear them when they want, easily inserting and removing as needed.

SoundLens Synergy is generation 3 of Starkey's true IIC (Invisible In Canal) products, a deep insertion device that nestles comfortably in the ear canal, making it the smallest and most sophisticated device on the market today. Synergy is Starkey's latest sound processing technology but still incorporates industry leading “PureWave” feedback cancellation and intelligent speech preservation technologies.

SoundLens Synergy is available in three different levels of technology. This super smart and tiny hearing aid is available in mid range 1600, advanced 2000 and premium 2400. At each level there is also a ear-to-ear wireless technology that synchronises speech processing and improves acuity and is denoted by a lower case "i" before the numbers. Performance is often improved but it does increase the physical size of the device therefore, if discretion is paramount then our recommendation would be to speak with us about the functional difference for you and your listening priorities before selecting a model. We're happy to help with that.

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